From Katherine Sonderegger, reformatted:

But, we are drawn to a good teacher not by causes of some sort, certainly not by overwhelming cause, or external pressure, but rather by the teacher herself. Her instruction merely expresses what has already drawn us there, the being and character and wisdom of the good teacher.

We are accustomed to speak of such power as charisma, the elixir of a remarkable human life. We do not trouble ourselves with measuring out the formula of such personal magic:

so much learning,
so much integrity,
so much idiosyncrasy and freedom,
so much danger or sensuous thrill.

Rather, the charismatic is a living whole, and we seek such a person, such a living power, from simple need. We come because we are drawn.

Mutatis mutandis, we can say that this is Christ's own reconciling and redeeming Life-Act, His very own Being, radiating to others. It is as though we are caught up in His own Life; we are assumed into this own Person, His blessed Intimacy with God, His own purely potent Consciousness of God. And we come individually but only because we are made a spiritual whole, a community of those drawn inside that Mediator. Just this is spiritual life, the goal of all creation.