Can This Work In A Small Church?

Episode 38, 50 min
A Discipleship Strategy Small Churches Can Actually Follow, with Darrell Stetler (Ep 38)
Darrell and Karl talk about the importance of discipleship in the life of the church – and as a central role in our calling as pastors.
Episode 36, 43 min
Why Proximity and Longevity Matter in Pastoral Ministry, with Alan Briggs (Ep 36)
Karl interviews Alan Briggs, a pastor, the author of Staying is the New Going, the host of the Right Side Up Leadership podcast and
Episode 37, 57 min
Seculosity: Ministry In The Era Of Secular Religion, with David Zahl (Ep 37)
Karl Vaters interviews David Zahl, author of Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It.
Episode 035, 45 min
Should You Start a Podcast? And Positive Ministry Trends, with Aron Utecht (Ep 35)
Karl Vaters interviews Aron Utecht, a pastor and the host of the Good Ideas for Churches podcast
Episode 34, 45 min
Technology, Ministry, and Keeping People's Attention, with Rick Hiemstra (Ep 34)
Karl Vaters interviews Rick Hiemstra, a former small church pastor, now serving as the Director of Research at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.
Episode 33, 48 min
Leveraging the Strengths of Your Small Church, with Ron Klassen (Ep 33)
Ron Klassen talks about seeing the unique nature of the small church, not as a problem to be solved, but as a strength to leverage.
Episode 32, 56 min
Teaching the Bible In Your Context, with Matt Whitman (Ep 32)
Karl Vaters interviews Matt Whitman, host of the Ten Minute Bible Hour podcast and YouTube channel.
Episode 31, 51 min
How To Find The Right Pastor/Church Fit, with Matt Steen (Ep 31)
Karl Vaters interviews Matt Steen, a former pastor and church planter, now with Chemistry Staffing, a ministry that helps churches find great staff members (and helps staff members find great churches).
Episode 30, 50 min
How Fixing the World Is Killing the Church, with Dr John C. Nugent (Ep 30)
Is the church called to separate ourselves from the world? Change it? Fix it? Or something else entirely?
Episode 29, 56 min
When “Can’t Miss” Church Growth Answers Don't Work, with Cory Hartman (Ep 29)
An interview about what to do when answers don't work as promised, and refocusing on the essentials.
Episode 28, 56 min
Ending Human Trafficking, with Dr. Sandra Morgan (Ep 28)
In this episode we talk about how healthy churches are uniquely positioned to help prevent human trafficking
Episode 27, 48 min
The Unexpected Origins of the Church Growth Movement, with Dr. Gary McIntosh (Ep 27)
The origins of church growth are far different than what most of us have been taught recently, according to Dr. McIntosh.
Episode 26, 1 hr 7 min
Destigmatizing the "M" Word (Marketing), with Austin Savage (Ep. 26)
Episode 024, 50 min
Rural Church Rescue, with Jon Sanders (Ep. 24)

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