Christian Unity

Christian Unity
9 Ways Church Leadership Conferences Can Attract More Small Church Pastors
Don’t just help us break through barriers, help us know what to do before we break though.

Why don’t more small church pastors attend church leadership conferences?

It’s not because we’re lazy, uninformed or don’t want to learn. It’s because of several significant, but removable roadblocks that keep most of us from coming.

In recent years, ...

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Christian Unity
Character Is Also What You Do When Things Go Easy And Everyone Is Watching
When we’re not guarding our hearts, minds and morals, the spotlight and the shadows can be equally dangerous.

They say you reveal your character, not when things are going well, but when the chips are down.

Not when everyone’s watching, but when no one sees what you do.

That’s true.

But it’s only part of the truth.

A Reversal Of Character

Some people seem to have the character ...

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Christian Unity
Saying “There’s Nothing Wrong With Small Churches” Is A Great Start, But It’s Not Enough
Small churches aren't just “not wrong”, they have always been and will always be an essential ingredient in God’s plan.

There’s nothing wrong with small churches.

I’ve been hearing that a lot lately.

For the first time in my memory, many church growth writers and speakers are making sure to say "there’s nothing wrong with small churches" when they teach about church ...

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Christian Unity
11 Significant Differences Between 1 Church Of 1,000 And 10 Churches Of 100
The church has always been blessed by our differences.

Churches of all sizes have something to offer.

I know, I say that a lot.

I’ve even been told I need to be less accommodating to big churches. But it’s not an accommodation, it’s a reality.

Bigger churches do great things that small churches can’t do, and ...

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Christian Unity
We Do Small Church A Lot, Why Aren’t We Doing It Better?
What would happen to small churches if we changed the way we talk about them?

By far, the most prevalent expression of the church throughout history is the small congregation.

More people have worshipped Jesus, been discipled, and reached out to others through the ministry of small churches than through any other tradition, method, format or denomination. ...

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Christian Unity
Small Churches Are Stuck (But Not The Way You Think)
Churches on either end of the size spectrum are usually seen as fulfilling their calling. But those in the middle? Not so much.

If you are leading a healthy and effective house church, you may face some criticism for not getting bigger. But most people will start with the assumption that your size is appropriate for your calling.

If you are leading a healthy and effective big church, you may face some ...

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Christian Unity
The Biggest Difference Between Churches That Are Raising Young Leaders And Those That Aren't
We cannot simultaneously mourn the absence of young church leaders while belittling the way they lead.

There seems to be an absence of young people stepping up to take leadership roles in the church.

I say “seems to be…” because that’s what I keep hearing from so many of my contemporaries in ministry.

“It’s hard to find younger leaders!” ...

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Christian Unity
Pastoral Transition: 7 Signs It May Be The Right Time To Let Go
Watching someone else build on the foundation you’ve helped establish may be the most fulfilling part of life and ministry.

One year ago this month, I stopped being the lead pastor of our church.

Not because I was done, but because it was the right time.

Truth be told, I still want to be the lead pastor. At the age of 59, (58 when we made the transition) I’m not too old. I still have the passion, ...

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Christian Unity
Inside And Outside The Bible Belt: A Schism The American Church Must Address
The church has never found unity through sameness, but by celebrating how Christ uses the gifts of different parts of his one body.

There are two churches in America. The church inside the Bible Belt and the church outside the Bible Belt.

The ones inside the Bible Belt often look at the ones outside as compromised and soft on sin because of their rejection of long-held traditions.

Meanwhile, those outside ...

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Christian Unity
5 Myth-Shattering Reasons We Have To Change Our Thinking About Church Size
History has regularly shown us that any time we equate bigger with better in the kingdom of God, it leads to problems. Big problems.

Bigger churches aren’t necessarily better. Smaller churches aren’t necessarily broken, stuck or ineffective.

Effective churches exist in all shapes and sizes. Including churches that haven’t grown numerically in a while.

But the myths persist. Especially the ...

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