Stewardship: Living a Life that Counts: Church Bundle

Biblical insight for your whole church on using our resources for the glory of God.
5 Session Bible Study

Stewardship is not a topic that most churches enjoy addressing on a regular basis. But it's an issue where many Christians are in desperate need of training—both practically and biblically. "Stewardship: Living a Life That Counts" is five-session campaign designed to provide your whole church with encouragement and biblical insight on how we as Christians can use all of our resources—time, talents, gifts, and finances—for the glory of God.

Church Discipleship Campaigns are a great way to provide a full-bodied learning experience for your entire congregation. Each campaign focuses on a specific topic or biblical text, and each includes a variety of resources that can be used by church leaders every week—including sermon transcripts, sermon outlines, Powerpoint presentations, supplemental preaching illustrations, Bible studies, supplemental icebreakers and activities, and a professionally designed bulletin insert.

Note: The different formats for each piece of the campaign are bundled as follows: one PDF for all five weeks of preaching material, one PDF for all five weeks of Bible study material, one Powerpoint presentation for all five weeks, and one Microsoft Word document for the bulletin insert.

Week One: Spending Time

The eternal value of numbering our days
Psalm 90

By taking the advice of Moses and numbering our days, we realize how few we actually have, spend them wisely, and live them out for God's eternal purposes.

Week Two: Finding Financial Freedom

An exit strategy for those who don't want to want more anymore
Proverbs 11:24; 13:6–16; 17:16; 22:26–27

A great number of Americans today are enslaved by money. They're in bondage to their creditors, the consumer culture, and their own insatiable appetites for more and more stuff. This week's material provides biblical steps to financial freedom. If you want your life to count, you have to master your money.

Week Three: Tithes, Offerings, and Thieves

Are you robbing God?
Revelation 20:11–15

The purpose of this week's material is to awaken a desire for obedience and generosity in our hearts. To have a life that counts, we must stop robbing God and start giving generously.

Week Four: Use Your Talents Wisely

Three steps for Christians who want to use their talents for eternity
1 Peter 4:7–11

All of us should want to use our God-given talents for maximum impact. To do that, Christians must focus on their strengths, use their gifts with excellence, and live with intensity.

Week Five: Give It All to Jesus

This is the most important ingredient for living a life that counts.
Mark 10:17–31

This week's material warns about the danger of holding back our resources from Jesus. Jesus offers us a life that counts, now and forever; all we have to do is let go of what we want and put our resources in his hands.

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