One-Year Bible Study Track for Seniors

One-Year Bible Study Track for Seniors

A year's worth of Bible studies for mature adults
53 Session Bible Study


One of the most tedious parts of leading a Bible study is deciding on and ordering all of the materials. We've taken the pain out of that by putting together a one-year curriculum for senior citizens. If you lead such a group, these studies will give you variety, depth, and interest. Or if you teach a Sunday school class, this will give you enough material for the year. Or maybe you just want to work through a year's worth of studies on your own or with a friend. If any of those are true, this is for you.

We've assembled a nice mix of studies that includes topics such as aging gracefully, thriving in the empty nest, making retirement meaningful, the joys and trials of grandparenting, dealing with health problems, and facing death and looking forward to heaven. Plus, we've thrown in some movie discussion guides on great, classic movies that will add variety and keep things fun.

Because of our downloadable studies and liberal policy that allows you to make up to 1,000 copies, gone are the days that you have to put in advance orders and collect money for each study book.

In this packet, we've included 53 sessions, so you are even covered in a leap year! And because it would be costly to order the studies individually, we've discounted them as a package by more than 50%.

Aging in the Grace of God

This Bible study course will show you how to use this time to grow closer to God by practicing deepening quiet and contemplation, readying yourself for the new and unexpected vision he may impart. It reminds you that keeping eternity in view helps us to accept tough transitions with serenity. Remember, this is not a time to merely exist, but a time to grow and bloom, aging in grace. God is with you every step of the way and will enable you to share your story with others. (10 sessions)

Ben-Hur Movie Discussion Guide

Ben-Hur is a tale of the turbulent life of a man of wealth in first-century Judea, betrayed by a friend to toil at the oar of a ship, while his mother and sister are unjustly imprisoned. He is a man whose heroism while a slave leads to his adoption by a Roman commander. Ben-Hur forsakes position for revenge but is helpless to allay the suffering of those he loves. He is overwhelmed by the anguish of life, but he finds a man greater than himself, who gives new life. This study guide will help you discuss some of the major themes of Ben-Hur. How does forgiveness succeed when vengeance fails? How can we wait for God with faith and hope? What is it like to encounter Jesus? (1 session)

Thriving in the Empty Nest

When the kids leave home, it is a time of transition. It can be sad, but it doesn't have to be devastating. In fact, it can be a time to grow as a person and find new meaning. Perhaps it is your time to thrive as never before. This Bible study will help you think through this season of your life. (3 sessions)

Amazing Grace Movie Discussion Guide

In 1797, there were 11 million African slaves. Most people found the practice acceptable. In the minority, however, was William Wilberforce, an elected Member of Parliament who toiled for years to abolish slavery in Britain. Fueled by his faith, the "Conscience of Parliament" persevered and made history. This study will help you discuss the deeper themes of the movie: What does it mean to say that Christianity leads to both spiritual meditation and social action? And why do we often need to personally witness injustice to take action? (1 session)

The Joys and Trials of Grandparenting

This study explores the mysterious connection between grandparent and grandchild and consider how values are passed on from generation to generation. It also investigates how to grandparent at a distance and provide help for those grandparents who find themselves as the primary caregivers for their grandchildren. (3 sessions)

Chariots of Fire Movie Discussion Guide

This is a compelling tale of two athletes who run for Great Britain in the 1924 Olympics in Paris. Both seek a gold medal, but each has his own motives. Harold Abrahams is a Jew and Cambridge man who strives to overcome anti-Semitism by proving his worth. Eric Liddell is a Scottish Christian bound for China as a missionary, but he also wants to glorify God by using his God-given speed to the best of his ability. How can people glorify God by using their abilities? How does God honor those who honor him? How does the movie convey the metaphor of faith as a race? (1 session)

2 Timothy: Finish the Race

The last words of a dying person often have a significant impact on others. In a sense, 2 Timothy is like that. It's advice from someone who knows he's come to the end of life. Paul, imprisoned in Rome for the second time, realized he would not be released. Facing death as a martyr, he wrote carefully and deliberately to the heart of the gospel. His "dying words" are words for us to live by. (10 sessions)

Luther Movie Discussion

This tells the true story of a German monk stricken with guilt and fear of God, and never certain of his salvation. When he studies the Scriptures he discovers the true grace of God in Christ, but it is a truth that his church teaching contradicts. The church in Europe holds the faithful in a grip of fear and ignorance, demanding acts of penitence (and money) in exchange for redemption from hell. Martin Luther cannot tolerate the corruption of the gospel, so he sets out to reform the church. He cannot foresee the turbulent changes he will set in motion. What is the truth about hell? How should people know the Word of God? What is the true path of salvation? (1 session)

Making Retirement Meaningful

Just hearing the word retirement conjures images of leisurely activities. While such pursuits bring a certain amount of satisfaction, many retirees are finding they want to spend their latter years in significant service to a cause greater than their personal pleasure. How does God want you to use your talents and life experience? This study will help you answer that question. (3 sessions)

Beyond the Gates of Splendor Movie Discussion Guide

This tells the true story of five young couples who became missionaries to Ecuador in the 1950s, forsaking the comforts of the United States for life in the Amazon jungle. There they attempted peaceable contact with the Waodani, a tribe known for excessive violence. The Waodani brutally killed all five husbands. Amazingly, the wife and child of one of the slain men, and the sister of another, went to live and share Christ's salvation with the very people who had murdered their loved ones. What are people like without law, left to their own devices? How do we live in the shadow of death? How can we love our enemies? (1 sessions)

Can I Trust God with My Health?

We can all identify with the plight of Job at some time in our lives, whether it is poor health, family problems, a career failure, or some other personal struggle. These valleys have a way of challenging our faith in God's provision and guiding hand. This study challenges you to address a variety of questions about health: How does God use pain and suffering in the lives of his children? How do we deal with the stresses of life without letting them negatively affect our health? Is it biblical to define prosperity as physical health, material wealth, or earthly success? What can the church do to answer these questions and help those in poor health? (6 sessions)

The Ten Commandments Movie Discussion Guide

Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 portrayal of Moses and the Hebrew people is a classic that continues to resonate with today's audiences. This film is about great political themes, such as the liberation of slaves and the quest for civil rights. But it also helps us understand the purpose of law, and that even with political freedom, we can become slaves to our sins. This study discusses these themes of freedom and slavery, and the will and law of God. (1 session)

Dying and Going to Heaven

Perhaps Christians don't spend enough time thinking about dying and going to heaven. The preacher of Ecclesiastes tells us "He has also set eternity in hearts of men…" This study will help you think about the many aspects of this, such as facing our fear of and making sense of death, finding God's purposes in our suffering, how to help the dying, life and death decisions, cremation or burial, what heaven is like, and thoughts on Christ's second coming. (12 sessions)

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