Jesus as Your Mentor

Jesus as Your Mentor

Use this four session course to let Jesus show you how to be the best leader, friend, and lover.
4 Session Bible Study

We often want mentors to show us how to live. Who does that better than Christ himself? We become mentored when we let him transform us and use us to help others. Jesus' life exemplified all the great qualities found in the best leaders, the best friends, and the most loving people. The culture around us has influenced our understanding of what our lives should look like, but God wants to show us the perfect version of life, found in his son Jesus. This four-session course will show that Jesus lived the best life ever, and when we let him mentor us, he will show us how to be the best leader, friend, and lover, living the best way possible. Note: This course was developed with Community Christian Church and New Thing Network.

Session One

Learn to Live for Eternity
Jesus models how to live for eternal values.
Matthew 16:26; Luke 12:15–21; John 6:47; 10:10; Philippians 1:20–26

For our lives to be the best they can be, we need to see beyond the confines of this life. God and only God can give you a life that never ends and has a purpose that extends beyond the temporary. Living for eternal values gives our lives meaning and direction.

Session Two

Learn to Be a Friend
Jesus models how to be a good friend through acceptance, forgiveness, and loyalty.
John 8:1–8; 18:15–27; 21:15–17

The quality of our lives and the quality of our friendships are closely related. Jesus wants to mentor us in how to be a true friend to others. This study will show us how to follow Jesus' example in offering acceptance, forgiveness, and loyalty to others.

Session Three

Learn to Be a Lover
Jesus models how to love others unselfishly.
Luke 17:11–19; John 10:17–18; Philippians 2:1–11

Even though Jesus was never in a sexual or romantic relationship, he modeled how to love others the way we should love our spouses. This study will look at the kind of love he demonstrated and help us apply that to our marriages, your family members and others in your life.

Session Four

Learn to Lead
Jesus was the master leader, and he can teach you to lead well.
Matthew 28:18–20; John 2:13–17; 13:1–5; Acts 4:1–20

We're all leaders because we all have influence in the lives of other people, and in becoming leaders like Jesus, our lives will impact others for eternity. This study will show us how to follow his example in the way we lead those God has placed under our care.

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