Dealing with Suicide

Dealing with Suicide

Taking a theologically sound approach to the tragedy of suicide.
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Suicide is the eleventh highest cause of death for all age groups, but it is the third most likely cause of death among children, teens, and young adults (ages 1024). Furthermore, middle-aged and elderly people suffering pain or declining health seem more open to the idea of assisted suicide. Still, families and friends are devastated when someone close to them commits suicide. Among their agonized questions is this: "Is suicide the unforgivable sin–

Let's see what Scripture teaches for those who live on after a loved one commits suicide as well as help in understanding why anyone would consider that act.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 31; Psalm 23; Matthew 17:1418


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: Not all choices are rationalbut irrational choices are not necessarily sinful or even unforgivable.

Teaching point two: God's sovereign grace provides hope and healingand "a way out"that honors him.

Teaching point three: When our autonomy confronts God's sovereignty, there is potential for committing the unforgivable sin.

• Apply Your Findings


Is Suicide Unforgivable?, by Frederica Mathewes-Green (March/April 2003, Page 18, 9 printed pages)

Total number of pages – 10

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