In this episode, Jamie introduces a Christian grounding technique he and Kent developed for the Spiritual First Aid certificate course, called Grounded in Grace: The 5-4-3-2-1 Technique. The technique is designed to help manage stress and anxiety by directing our attention to the present moment through our five senses. Because it incorporates prayer and visualization, this practice can also strengthen our faith and deepen our connection to God.

As Jamie notes, it’s vitally important for helpers to take care of themselves, because “there’s no Spiritual First Aid without self-aid.” We pray this episode encourages you as you encourage others.


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Spiritual First Aid certificate course


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(Note to the listener: In this podcast, sometimes we'll have evangelicals, and sometimes we won't. We believe learning how to “do good, better” involves listening to many perspectives, with different insights and understanding. Sometimes it will make us uncomfortable; sometimes we'll agree, and sometimes we won't. We think that's good. We want to listen for correction. Especially in our blind spots.)

Jamie Aten, Ph.D., and Kent Annan, M.Div. co-direct the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College and are also the co-founders of Spiritual First Aid.