My Facebook Mentoring Ministry
I found a way to reach out to young people who have drifted from the faith

Robin (name changed) posted on Facebook one day: "I am bored out of my mind. Someone please talk to me!" I didn't know Robin that well. Her parents had been in a Bible study in our home when she was just a little girl. But that Bible study ended when Robin was about 10, and ...

Seeing in the Dark, Part 2
An interview with Michelle Tessendorf, Executive Director of Orchard: Africa

What are some challenges the African church is facing now which we may not be facing in the Western church?

Africa is facing the greatest humanitarian crisis that the world has known. We see all these earthquakes and natural disasters, and clearly the church responds to that ...

Controversial Verdict, Exodus Ends, and an Author’s Secret
Three recent events that matter to your ministry

Consider these recent events and how they might affect your ministry.

Just Listen: Responding to the Trayvon Martin Case

This is the big one. Even if you haven't been following the months of public trial, you couldn't avoid the fallout from Saturday's verdict on the very public ...

Seeing in the Dark, Part 1
An interview with Michelle Tessendorf, Executive Director of Orchard: Africa

What's the mission of Orchard: Africa, and what do you do?

The ministry work in Africa is to empower the church in the Western world and in Africa to respond to the AIDS and orphans crisis that is in Africa at the moment, and it's a twofold ministry. On the one hand, we are empowering ...

We Need a Better Response to Mental Illness
We can either bless or curse people who need us

For some Christians, every problem—and every solution—is spiritual. In this environment, mental illness is obvious evidence of a lack of faith. Medical and psychiatric interventions are suspect, while more prayer and more faith are the prescriptions of choice. While nothing ...

Real Pastors’ Wives
A picture of healthy relationship between ministry spouses

Flipping through TV channels, we can see shows like The Housewives of Wherever, depicting women as backbiting, gossiping liars with a proclivity toward physical altercations. Now more than ever, women in church leadership have an opportunity to model healthy female relationships ...

Team Building: Beyond the Basics
It’s not just about finding warm bodies and putting them to work

Recruiting, training, deploying, and supporting volunteers can occasionally feel like a full-time job. But as leaders, we all understand that without these volunteers, church as we know it would come to a screeching halt. For nearly 20 years, my husband (Christopher) and I have ...

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