April 2009

Who's Afraid of Critical Women?

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a woman who had had reviewed my book on her blog. While she had mostly good things to say about it, she took issue with one of my first chapters (on the ways motherhood changes a woman). So, she graciously invited me to respond to her critiques.

So I went to her post, read the review, and starting mulling over my response to her. She ...

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Food for Thought - Apr 27 2009

Who are you trying to please? For many in Christian leadership, the things we want to do, must do, or feel called to do get crowded out by the things we feel we should do. There are always more should-do's being shouted in our direction. The process of adding should-do's to your workweek, however, means you end up continually busy, with an emotional tank near empty. ...

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The Final Church Barrier for Women: Church Planter

I just came back from the Exponential Conference, the nation's largest conference for church planters. I loved it. Nearly 2,700 church planters, apostles, cultural missionaries, entrepreneurs, and crazy people - the kind who take "It's never been done that way before" as a dare. My friend Dave Ferguson and a team help guide the conference, and he and his ...

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Gifted To Lead

Tonight I'm at a hotel in Toronto, sandwiched between two "Gifted to Lead" events. Yesterday, Nancy Ortberg and I co-led the event in Livermore, California, with about 340 women. We were graciously hosted by the Cornerstone Fellowship Church. Every time we open up this subject matter - focused on the challenges and potential for women to lead in the church ...

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Why I Bought the Green Bible

Happy Earth Day! I'd like to take advantage of this special time when our thoughts are focused on the planet to talk about the Green Bible, last year's release from HarperOne. In case you missed the hullabaloo, this book is a NRSV Bible that includes a 100% natural cover (created in an environmentally-friendly plant), soy-based inks, and 10% post-consumer paper ...

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Food for Thought - Apr 20 2009

When Christ wanted to teach his disciples how to treat each other, he realized that experiencing something is more life changing than words alone. So Jesus got up from the meal, took off his outer garments, and began washing their dusty feet - a service usually relegated to the lowliest servant. Then, based on the powerful experience they'd just shared, he taught his ...

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The Silent Retreat

Unplugging for this ancient practice
The Silent Retreat
Image: Dong Wenjie/Getty

I have a hard time "unplugging." My morning starts with a sleepy-eyed click on email, and most nights I turn in only after checking Facebook. Yet recently it seems God is calling me to spend time plugged in to him - only him.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, throws down this challenge: "In our crazy world, silence and stillness are two of the true ...

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Creative Team Building

The NTSB official adamantly explained how the crew and passengers survived a near catastrophe in the incredible forced water landing of US Airways flight 1549 on the Hudson River in New York City back in January. The crew worked as a team, not as individuals - and that saved the lives of all 155 people aboard.

The message was clear: when individuals know how to work together ...

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A Picture of Love and Leadership

This morning I read through John 19. Typical Good Friday reading since it tells the story of the sentencing and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Of course, I've read this passage a zillion times before, but this morning, I had this blog on my mind and the drastically different images of leadership - in relationship to love and pride - struck me, particularly in the verses ...

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The Devastating Power of a Church-Harpy

I knew a woman once who, with super-spy-like verbal finesse, single-handedly took down an entire church. Ka-pow! The congregation exists no more.

I knew another woman who waged a stealth war to get her church secretary fired. Before the campaign ended, the secretary quit, left the church, lost most of her friends, and entered into a deep depression.

Oh, and I knew another ...

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