Finding the True Mary Magdalene

Finding the True Mary Magdalene

Who is Mary Magdalene really? A sinner? Saint? Goddess?
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Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code shocked audiences everywhere by claiming that Mary Magdalene was really Jesus' wife. Brown states that the Catholic Church launched a "smear campaign" against Mary Magdalene to hide the fact that Jesus wanted the church to be led by Mary when he died. According to Brown, true Christianity necessitates the worship of Mary and the goddess religion that she represents.

The many creative lies listed above can only be described as fiction. No serious scholar argues that Jesus was married, let alone that the church went to murderous lengths to hide it. But while Mary Magdalene cannot seriously be considered a lover or wife, she did have an important relationship with Jesus. Her true relationship with Jesus reveals some of Christianity's forgotten history with women.

What role did Mary Magdalene play in Jesus' life and ministry? How did her testimony shape the gospels? What kind of love did exist between Jesus and his followers? We'll explore these questions in this study.

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SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 62:1–5; Mark 14:43–54, 66–72; 15:33–47; Luke 8:1–3; John 20:1–18; 1 Corinthians 6:15–17; 12:12–26


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: The gospels portray Mary Magdalene as a disciple of Christ who faithfully testified to his life, death, and resurrection.

Teaching point two: Mary's identity as a follower teaches us about the value Jesus placed on women.

Teaching point three: Jesus' only claim to marriage is as the Bridegroom who has taken the Church as his Bride. Just as Jesus loves us as his bride, he calls us to love each other.

• Apply Your Findings

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BASED ON The Da Vinci Code

• by Dan Brown (Double Day Publishing Company, 2003, 9 printed pages)

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