Bring Jesus to Your World

Bring Jesus to Your World

This innovative 4-week campaign for your whole church looks at how we can experience and share with others the good news of Christ coming to Earth.
4 Session Bible Study


Most Christians are familiar with the different stories of Jesus' life and teaching from the Bible. Many of us know those stories front to back; we know what they say, and we know what they mean. But sometimes-especially around the Christmas season-we forget that Jesus' life on earth also shows us what we are supposed to do.

This holiday season explore the different challenges we have been called to as followers of Christ. In your small groups and on Sunday mornings focus on how to bring Jesus to our different worlds.

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Note: The different formats for each piece of the campaign are bundled as follows: one PDF for all preaching material, one PDF for Bible study material, one Powerpoint presentation for all four weeks, and one Microsoft Word document for the bulletin insert. These files are bundled as a ZIP file for your convenience.

Week One

Support Christ's Agenda
Jesus calls his followers to adopt his agenda of salvation in the world.
Luke 4:14-30

This sermon and study teaches about the privilege of bringing the good news of salvation to many who do not have the opportunity to hear about the kingdom.

Week Two

Be Christ's Disciples
To bring Jesus to our world, we must live as his disciples.
Luke 9:51-62

This sermon and study shows key areas of discipleship that are the groundwork for an effective ministry to the world.

Week Three

Proclaim Christ's Message
Jesus' mission for us, as his privileged people, is to proclaim the gospel everywhere we can, anytime we can.
Luke 10:1-24

This sermon and study covers our responsibility to share the Good News with others so they might also enjoy the blessings of salvation.

Week Four

Recognize Christ's Fork in the Road
When our Christianity is self-centered because it is rooted in self-deceit rather than love and compassion, it kills our witness to the world.
Luke 11:37-54

This sermon and study warns us about the dangers of wrong-hearted and wrong-headed Christianity, and to encourage us to do some humble self-evaluation and repentance if necessary.

This Church Discipleship Campaign is based on a sermon series by Scott Wenig

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