Biblical Parenting 101

Biblical Parenting 101

Use this 13-session parenting course to discuss how to raise healthy, happy, God-centered children.
13 Session Bible Study

Use this 13-session parenting course to discuss how to raise healthy, happy, God-centered children. This course looks at how we can strengthen the parent-child bond, gain confidence in our parenting, develop friendships with other parents, model self-confidence, and raise countercultural kids. It also covers how to lovingly discipline our children by using natural consequences, having realistic expectations, and setting a good example.

Week 1

Loving Discipline
How can we discipline our children with unconditional love?

Week 2

Raising Counter-Cultural Teenagers
Does "Christian youth" need to be an oxymoron?

Week 3

Fear Factors in Parenting
What to do with parenting fears

Week 4

Friendships That Benefit Parenting
How do friendships help us to be better parents?

Week 5

Parenting Together
Refuse to let your differences divide you.

Week 6

Model Self-Confidence for Your Kids
Move your children from being self-focused to being God-focused.

Week 7

The Ground Rules of Discipline
Why it's important for parents to allow children to experience the natural consequences of their choices and behavior.

Week 8

Great Expectations
How to raise or lower the bars we set for our children.

Week 9

Responsibility Super Models
Responsible kids begin with responsible parents.

Week 10

Replace Whining with Respect
How can we teach our children to obey without arguing or whining while still leaving room for communication and appeal?

Week 11

Teaching Responsibility Doesn't Have to Be a Chore
The value of teaching our children to work.

Week 12

Mentoring Youngsters Toward Adolescence
Laying tracks to avoid the runaway train of adolescence.

Week 13

Creating a Stronger Parent-Child Bond
Why is a strong parent-child bond important to passing on our faith to our children?

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