A Man After God's Own Heart

A Man After God's Own Heart

David: A passionate life before God.
Single Session Bible Study


In 1976, presidential campaign spending in the United States for candidates and political parties was $160 million (source: citizen.org). In 2004, it was $1.2 billion (source: citizen.org). In his song "I Can Explain Everything," producer and songwriter T Bone Burnett questions how anyone can spend so much money every four years for a job that pays considerably less.

Contrast modern leadership with the Old Testament story of David—a boy who by faith, courage, and divine appointment was thrust into the kingship of Israel. He was king, warrior, psalmist, prophet, and one who foreshadowed the coming of Christ. And he was flawed. But the Book of Acts describes David as "a man after [God's] own heart" (Acts 13:22). This guide will discuss how David lived a passionate life of trusting, seeking, and worshiping God.

Table of Contents

1 Samuel 17; 2 Samuel 6; 11:1–12:14; Psalm 51


• A Man's World: Discussion Starters

—What would it look like to be a person "after God's own heart"?
—In what ways does David's life point us to Christ?

• A Man's Word

—Teaching point one: A life lived before God includes passionate trust.
—Teaching point two: A life lived before God involves passionate seeking.
—Teaching point three: A life lived before God involves passionate worship.

• A Man's Work: Action Point

—Write a psalm to God this week. Express your passionate heart toward God. Give thanks to God in order to combat discontentment. Not a confident writer? Take one of David's psalms and substitute your words.

Approximate time to complete: up to 45-60 minutes

Total number of pages – 8

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