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Silent Night or Silent Treatment? Navigate Family Tensions This Holiday Season.

He Gets Us has a last-minute gift for your entire congregation.

Silent Night or Silent Treatment? Navigate Family Tensions This Holiday Season.

He Gets Us has a last-minute gift for your entire congregation.

Many of us are eager to enjoy annual traditions, home-cooked meals, and extra time with loved ones during the holidays. Yet, in the midst of merriment, family gatherings can also magnify tensions and expose differences. This year, He Gets Us invites you to rediscover the true meaning of the holidays through two powerful ads designed to foster unity and love within your family.

“Dinner Party” and “Family Matters” paint a poignant picture of the hurt and division we see in the world, and how empathy and compassion can create unity. In “Dinner Party,” we see people suffering from pain, anxiety and hatred. But Jesus reminds us not only to reach past our struggles and differences, but to discuss them with one another with patience and curiosity. Jesus broke bread with those whom society had rejected; he was a friend to everyone. His example reminds us to set aside cultural norms and expectations so that we may see people for who they truly are and welcome them to the table.

“Family Matters” shares realities that many of us face, even within our own families. Family differences, disagreements and varying beliefs and values can lead to division if we let egos get in the way. But when we put empathy and understanding first and practice active listening, we can bridge divides and pave the way for reconciliation.

So many of us face challenges in our relationships, especially during the holidays. That's why He Gets Us has also created comprehensive resource kits tailored to these two ads, offering invaluable tools for creating healthier connections within families.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Discussion guides: Spark meaningful conversations inspired by the ads, prompting reflection and dialogue around the complexities of family dynamics.
  • Sermon outlines: Equip congregations with thought-provoking sermons that reinforce the enduring, everlasting nature of love.
  • Additional resources: Explore supplementary content, including videos and prayer series, designed to strengthen your family's faith and deepen your relationships with one another.

These resources are a gift to families seeking to make this holiday season a true celebration of love, acceptance, and unity. By embracing these tools, you can create an environment where honesty and vulnerability thrive, allowing the true spirit of the season to flourish within your home.

He Gets Us reminds us that the holidays are a time to celebrate the greatest gift of all: love. Let’s embrace this opportunity to mend broken relationships, strengthen existing bonds, and create lasting memories that will resonate long after the decorations are put away.

Start your journey of family unity and love this holiday season. Download your free resources today.

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