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We Need to Stop Being Afraid of Inclusivity

Grow your church's love for outsiders.

We Need to Stop Being Afraid of Inclusivity

Grow your church's love for outsiders.

In a world where power and personal gain often take center stage, "The Struggle," an ad from He Gets Us, highlights the value of radical love.

Imagine a man who had the potential to amass great wealth—but he chose not to. Jesus, a teacher and carpenter's son, could have called up an army or built an empire. But instead, he sought to show how faith can spark a movement of love and inclusivity.

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Jesus embraced all people, especially those society considered the least lovable: the poor, the outcasts, and the sick and disabled. To truly love them, he shared in their hardships, relying on the kindness and generosity of others.

"The Struggle" paints a clear picture: If you have faith, your life will be so rich in purpose that worldly riches won't matter. At a time when division seems so much easier than unity, how can pastors embrace this call to radical love and inclusivity?

The Pastor’s Toolkit

Because He Gets Us is dedicated to equipping church leaders for these transformative moments and conversations, they are offering free tools for CT readers.

Here's what's included:

  • Discussion materials: Foster profound conversations inspired by this ad.
  • Sermon outlines: Craft compelling sermons that ignite your congregation's passion for love and inclusivity.
  • Additional resources: Explore supplementary content, from videos to prayer series, all designed to deepen your congregation's faith.

These resources are a gift to pastors and church leaders navigating a world that often challenges their convictions. Inspire your congregation to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, the ultimate advocate of radical love.

In this ever-changing world, "The Struggle" reminds us of the power of accepting others, just as Jesus did. Check out your free kit.