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Pastors Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Cancel Culture

He Gets Us presents ’The Influencer’

Pastors Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Cancel Culture

He Gets Us presents ’The Influencer’

In a world defined by social media and trending topics, "The Influencer," a recent He Gets Us ad, challenges societal norms and underscores the cost of unwavering conviction.

Imagine an influencer who skyrocketed to unparalleled popularity, amassing a legion of followers who hung onto his every word and deed. Yet, when he took a courageous stand for his beliefs, the tides of public opinion turned against him. He faced accusations of extremism and was branded a threat by the establishment. They went to great lengths to silence him, but he just wouldn’t stop. So they did what they had to do: they nailed him to a cross.

Should pastors be afraid of cancel culture? Learn more.

This is more than an advertisement–it's a reminder of the profound sacrifice that comes in following Jesus. This video highlights the courage required to uphold convictions, especially when they diverge from mainstream opinions.

The Church’s Call

The Bible encourages pastors to lead their congregations with unwavering resolve, even when faced with adversity. This call can be costly because faith often demands taking a stand that challenges the status quo, as was asked of Jesus.

He Gets Us wants to equip church leaders to engage well in these pivotal moments and conversations. That’s why they are offering a free kit of tools and resources, available now at hegetsuspartners.com.

Here’s whats included:

  • Small group materials: Foster meaningful discussions inspired by "The Influencer" video.
  • Sermon outlines: Craft compelling sermons that inspire your congregation to follow Jesus, even when faced with hardship and trials.
  • Additional content:Explore other supplementary materials, including videos, prayer series, and social media content, all designed to deepen your congregation's faith.

Access these resources today. They are a gift for pastors and church leaders navigating faith in a world that often judges their convictions. Inspire your congregation and lead them in the footsteps of the ultimate influencer—Jesus Christ.