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The Poetry of Swimming

Who would have thought there was so much to appreciate about swimming in water? This is not exactly the season to celebrate swimming, but this web page does that in a fresh and extraordinary way. Be sure to stop scrolling when you get to a new set of images, and listen to each voice over.

Small Really Is Beautiful

Extraordinary events occur in the smallest of spheres—such as the molecule. Check out these videos of chemical reactions at a website appropriately called BeautifulChemistry.net. We were impressed, even though we didn’t exactly understand the chemical reaction itself.

Tall Is Beautiful Too

Giraffes are sometimes called the “forgotten megafauna.” Apparently they haven’t been studied as much as many other mammals, and we’re only beginning to understand how they work. What was God thinking when he made the tallest animal on earth? Who knows? But it’s another wonder.

The Unmoved Mover

Just when you think that Thomas Aquinas’s rational arguments for God’s existence are dated, along comes a piece like this, suggesting that (a) such arguments are still relevant to today’s conversations, and (b) they are pretty compelling.

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