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Editors’ Note

Some issues of The Behemoth inadvertently showcase a theme. I see nothing of the sort in this issue. If anything, this issue is about the breadth of wonder.

“Grace in a Strip Bar” is a meditation on how we can and can not be friends of sinners like Jesus was. From Christian ethics we turn to microbiology, looking at the wonderful work macrophages do to keep us alive. From there, the camera pans back, and we try to grasp things metaphysical, like, “Did God really die on the Cross?” It turns out that the answer to that question reveals the most terrible and most wonderful event in history. Then we use a telephoto lens to consider poetically “The Oldest Recorded Supernova.”

The only thing that holds an issue like this together is, well, the wonder of God.

—Mark Galli, editor

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Also in this Issue

Issue 9 / November 13, 2014
  1. Grace in a Strip Bar

    Being a friend of sinners with discernment and love. /

  2. Big Eaters

    The cells that protect and defend us—by eating lunch. /

  3. The Day God Died

    The most terrible and wonderful moment in history. /

  4. To the Oldest Recorded Supernova

    ‘After two millennia / You are still here’ /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Links to amazing stuff

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