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Overcoming the Technological Divide

A Response to Al Erisman's 'The Face-to-Face Gospel and the Death of Distance'

To facilitate a truly global conversation, we ask Christian leaders from around the world to respond to the Global Conversation's lead articles. These points of view do not necessarily represent Christianity Today magazine or the Lausanne Movement. They are designed to stimulate discussion from all points of the compass and from different segments of the Christian community. Please add your perspective by posting a comment so that we can learn and grow together in the unity of the Spirit.

The Conversation Continues: Readers' Comments

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The Conversation Begins
Selected writers respond to Al Erisman from around the globe.

Al Erisman is absolutely right to note the dramatic effects of emerging technologies and to use Information Technology (IT) as his example. It is the most developed and familiar of the new technologies; ...

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The technological transformation that Koreans have gone through since the last century is unprecedented in terms of its speed, scale, and scope. My father, born in 1938, saw a train for the first time ...

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Technology is a label for all kinds of things humans create. Some are material, such as machines of various sorts. Others are procedural, such as organizational approaches. In recent times, technologies ...

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I often awake at 5 AM, not quite ready to get out of the bed. So I click a preset button on my mobile phone and for the next hour or so listen through a book of the Bible. I couldn't have done this just ...

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