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Ecology, the New Opium of the People

A Response to Scott Sabin's 'Whole Earth Evangelism'

To facilitate a truly global conversation, we ask Christian leaders from around the world to respond to the Global Conversation's lead articles. These points of view do not necessarily represent Christianity Today magazine or the Lausanne Movement. They are designed to stimulate discussion from all points of the compass and from different segments of the Christian community. Please add your perspective by posting a comment so that we can learn and grow together in the unity of the Spirit.

The Conversation Continues: Readers' Comments

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The Conversation Begins
Selected writers respond to Scott Sabin from around the globe.

Etienne is not a Filipino name, but the settings and scenarios of Etienne's life shared by Scott Sabin are realities in many places in the Philippines. The Philippines is a tropical country of 7,107 islands. ...

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While I don't disagree with Scott Sabin's thoughts, I am uncomfortable with "piling on more doom and gloom." True, the average North American is disconnected from the environment, and that disconnect ...

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Scott Sabin rightly mentioned the heartbreaking situation of Haiti. In video images of the recent tragic earthquake, we saw a striking contrast between the denuded wilderness of the west side of the island ...

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