Editor's Note from July 07, 2016

Issue 52: Dreams, animal GPS, and astronaut churches. /

Sometimes it’s hard to tie together an issue’s essays. Not this time! Our dreams of flying like the birds took us to the moon.

But one sentence is probably too succinct for an editor’s note—and it doesn’t even ring true for me personally. I haven’t dreamed of flight since I was a kid. And even then, I never dreamed of flying like birds. I dreamed of clumsily floating, banging around my home with no anchor. In stressful times covering news for Christianity Today, my dreams were blissfully boring. In my favorites, I’d dream of reading a book, cooking breakfast, or just sitting. Was my brain trying to tell me something? And if so, is it trying to tell me something now, when I wake up completely unaware of my dreams?

“Tell a dream, lose a reader,” goes the old advice attributed to Henry James. So I won’t go on; this issue is so delightful I don’t want to lose any of you.

We’re still playing with historical 3D images at the Behemoth members Facebook group. Come on over and make your own! Are you a Christianity Today subscriber who didn’t get your glasses with your July/August “Makers” issue? Let us know. We still have a few.

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Issue 52 / July 7, 2016
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