September 2010

'Wild-Hearted' Daughters

If you read the GFL e-newsletter, you may recall my mention of a certain giddiness when I saw an ad for a one-day conference about "Women and Christian History" being held right in my neighborhood. Well, this past weekend, I went.

Some highlights for me included seeing archaeological evidence of women priests, deacons and elders in the early church, and that ...

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Playing the 'God Card'

Have you ever thrown down the God Card? Playing the God Card happens whenever one uses "God told me" as the ultimate justification for a decision that requires group consensus. Picture a meeting about budget allocation or using space in the building or ministry direction, and someone goes "all-in." They might say: "I really feel like God wants this ...

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The Big Dig: Unearthing Need in the Church

Since I was small, I have enjoyed the idea of archaeology. Whether a fictional exposition in the movies or the images of real life expositions, I have always been intrigued—not just by the discovery, but primarily by the process. Of course, all sizes of tools are used by archaeologists during their digs for historical artifacts, but I am most captivated by the painstaking ...

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Trusting God the Way We Should

A deadline looms. A project hangs over my head, unfinished. The to-do list stretches by the minute. The laundry pile grows, and the dishes overflow the sink. And I just can't focus enough to finish anything.

I bet you know the feeling.

The guilt of what's left undone starts to get the best of me. I begin to beat myself up over my lack of focus and discipline. ...

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