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Taking the Pressure Out of Sermon Prep
A longer preparation window reduces anxiety, fosters creativity, and makes us more attentive to the Holy Spirit.
Simply Preaching a Wonderful Christmas Sermon
Deepen Your Preaching Barrel by Planning Ahead
The benefits of using your summer to plan out your sermon series for the coming year.
Life-Giving Practices for Preachers
3 tips for preachers.
Honoring Haddon Robinson
Reflections from pastors on lessons they have learned from Haddon Robinson.
Preaching on Job
An overview of the historical background and theology of Job to help you develop your sermon series and apply it to your hearers.
Redefining Success
How to live and enjoy life without losing sight of God.
Become a Shadow of Your Future Self
Manifesting isn’t the answer. Consenting to holiness is.
Hitting Your Creative Peak
5 tips for healthier sermon prep.
God Meets Me in My Daily Run
What used to feel like a duty has now become my lifeline.
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