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Why Jesus Couldn’t Do Miracles in His Hometown
The lack of signs and wonders in Nazareth says more about Jesus than about people’s lack of faith.
What Christmas Says to the Impatient Pastor
The Incarnation gives me permission to accept my slow progress.
Forgive Us Our Sins (And Theirs, Too)
How an ancient prophet’s prayer answers our modern outrage.
Facing the Lions of Fatherhood
The ‘roar’ of earthly fathers can be powerful and painful, but God’s roar is louder.
The Night after Christmas, It Was Still Dark
How the story of the shepherds changes our view of suffering.
Is Being Right Always the Right Thing?
Jesus and Peter teach us that correctness isn’t always a virtue.
Pastoral Care for Bruised Reeds and Smoldering Wicks
Paul shows us how to restore worth to the wounded and weary.
Waiting for Jesus: Lessons from Simeon and Anna
Advent's elderly heroes waited decades for consolation. Here's what they can teach us.
My Swaddled Savior
Jesus' life began and ended in earthly fetters. Who better to understand ours?
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