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In Denial?
Theme of the Week: Taking Sin Seriously
Onboard Navigation
Theme of the Week: God's Purpose Made Personal
Gateway Country
4 myths about reaching the unchurched - and 4 ways to draw them in.
Get on the Bus!
Theme of the Week: About Face
A Metric that Matters
Why we've stopped counting members and started tracking "active attenders."
How Authentic Should I be?
How important is it that people can "relate" to the pastor? Do they want the preacher to model strength or weakness? Should a pastor be a voice of authority or a fellow struggler?
Case Study
Theme of the Week: Faith Handoff
Squeaky Clean Traitor
Theme of the Week: Taking Sin Seriously
Developing an Emotionally Healthy Church
Assess and address the spiritual health and maturity in yourself, your leaders, and your congregation
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