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Baptism on the Ninth Hole
Can loving your neighbor apply to those next door to the church?
A Private and Public Person
Pastors must maintain boundaries.
Ditch the Beach, Hit the Mission Field
Turn your summer vacation into a short-term missionary adventure.
The Ultimate Prayer Guide
What the Lord's Prayer can teach your family about talking with God
Learning to Let Go
How Christian dads can negotiate the terrain between protecting our kids and trusting God
The Gospel According to John (Eldredge)
The gospel is not about sin management, says this best-selling author; it's about adventuresome life.
Mr. Christmas
Wally Bronner, the founder of the world's largest Christmas store, wants to wish you a "Merry CHRISTmas."
Praying on the Run
This 70-year-old marathon runner knows how to finish a race.
Christmas Presence
These resources will help you and your church more effectively communicate the reason for the season.
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