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Dialogical Preaching (part 2)
Letting the audience have a say in the sermon
5 Things to Love About the Emerging Church
Bob Hyatt's eulogy for a departed movement.
Be Careful What You Worship on July 4
Is national patriotism inconsistent with Christianity?
Don't Laugh; Your Church Might Be Miley Cyrus.
She's nothing if not pragmatic. And so are we.
Articulated Pain
Did "the" church hurt you, or "a" church? There's a world of difference.
Dialogical Preaching (part 3)
Letting the audience have a say in the sermon
Multi-site the Low-tech Way
Why video venues should be a last resort.
Brothers and Sisters, We Kinda Sorta Are Professionals
A call for boundaries and the danger of rooting our identity in our ministry.
Authority or Influence
Which do we want? How do we get it?
Slay the Beast of Ambition before It Slays You
3 ministry proverbs to quell competition and cultivate humility.
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