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CT Pastors Books

Come and See: The Journey of Knowing God through Scripture
Shift Your Bible Reading into a New Gear
Jonathan Pennington has written the rare study aid that equips without oversimplifying or overwhelming.
Faith Driven Investing: Every Investment Has an Impact--What’s Yours?
The Bible Gives Investors Like Me a New Perspective on Risk
If we believe all that God promises, we won’t always opt for playing it safe.
All My Knotted-Up Life: A Memoir
Beth Moore: When I Was a Stranger in the SBC, Anglicans Welcomed Me
How the acclaimed Bible teacher found a new church home.
Reason to Return: Why Women Need the Church and the Church Needs Women
What Women Miss When They Go Missing from Church
An appeal to return from someone who walked away herself.
Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing: The Gospel for the Cultural Chinese
Jesus Is the Path to Flourishing. Can the Buddha and Confucius Be the Beginning?
God’s truth revealed in ancient Chinese philosophies can help in evangelism and apologetics.
The Secret Place of Thunder: Trading Our Need to Be Noticed for a Hidden Life with Christ
All the World’s Not a Stage
In a culture given to performative virtue, we need reminders that God delights in hidden righteousness.
The Pastor’s Bookshelf: Why Reading Matters for Ministry
Go Ahead, Waste Your Time Reading
You won’t remember most of it, but that was never the point.
Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do about It
The Struggles of Men Are a Problem for Everyone
From school and work to fatherhood and friendship, we need a vision of manhood that both sexes can celebrate.
Nonverts: The Making of Ex-Christian America
From the Rise of the ‘Nones’ to the Indifference of the ‘Never Weres’
A sociologist observes the changing tides of American antireligion.
Uncommon Unity: Wisdom for the Church in an Age of Division
The World’s Logic Says Diversity Begets Division. Gospel Logic Says Otherwise.
Why the pursuit of unity isn’t as hopeless as it sometimes seems.
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