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September 2013

My Big Demotion
Finding my true calling meant stepping away from the leading role.
7 Performance-Enhancing Drugs of Ministry
The 'roid oft traveled.
Friday Five: Karen Swallow Prior
Our calling as Word-centered people.
Taking a hard look at the 9/11 rallying cry.
Wednesday Link List: Alcohol, Stryper, and More
If you like it then you should have put a link on it.
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 70- Book Burnings & Crazy Evangelicals
Phil reviews "Christian Nation," a fear-mongering novel about evangelicals taking over America.
Authority Issues
Is community or authority the best way to grow our souls?
Our Conference on Wheels
When big-light ministry conferences left us empty, we hit the road for inspiration.
Friday Five: Michael Hyatt
How does your social media platform relate to leadership?
Robert Farrar Capon: Saved in his Death
He was a man who savored the gospel's dark playfulness.
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