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Leading from the Pit (of Depression)

How can you be a spiritual leader when you can't get out of bed?
Leading from the Pit (of Depression)

Depression is all too common for Christian leaders. Research from the Clergy Health Initiative at Duke Divinity School indicates that clergy members are (by rather conservative figures) over 1.5 times more likely to experience depression than members of the general population.

CT Pastors wants you to take care of yourself. It was a key theme of a full issue of Leadership Journal and of many excellent pieces we've published in the past. If you experience routine depression, or struggle with healthy self-care, please seek out professional counseling. In the spirit of health and honesty, here's our friend Lane's three simple tips for those mornings when life feels like the pits.

-Paul Pastor

King David is a common biblical example of (usually) great leadership. But if we read the Psalms it is clear that David spent a lot of time in despair. Or, more poetically, "the pit." In Psalm 69 we catch a glimpse of David, the despairing leader. He writes:

Lord, the Lord Almighty, ...
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