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Anne Rice's Renunciation

How do we respond when someone quits the faith?

Best selling author Anne Rice has quit Christianity. She is not quitting on Jesus Christ or the Bible, she says, but she is quitting organized Christianity.

Ms. Rice announced her quit-decision not through a resignation letter (where would one send it?) but through her website and TV interviews.

Anne Rice's decision to go public with her decision is not the only way people quit Christianity. Some do it quietly, gradually dropping out of the programmatic activities of religious institutions and out of personal contact with people whose devotion to the faith seems solid. One day someone notices an empty seat in the sanctuary and says, "I haven't seen Bob (or Jennifer) around for a while. Wonder what's happened to him (or her)?"

Sometimes people quit the faith entirely.

The first time I heard of anyone quitting Christianity I was incredulous. The quitter was a boy in my prep school class, and as long as I had known him he'd been the model Christian in our student body. He arose every morning ...

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