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April 2008

Shepherding Those Who Don't Like You
Being at peace with your enemies requires tact and sensitivity.
Money from Heaven
What will your church members do with their "economic stimulus" checks?
When Is a Small Group ‘Just Another Meeting’?
And what should you do about it?
Monsters on the Loose 2
Emerging churches and Cloverfield are both criticized for experimenting with new styles, but they still manage to honor tradition.
Pondering the Question of Adult Education
Are classrooms and small-group settings the only way?
Why I Resist Accountability
Four reasons I avoid the relationships I need (and how I embrace them anyway).
Monsters on the Loose
The emergent movement, like the monster flick Cloverfield, is an underground phenomenon, but can it deliver on its hype?
A More Macho Messiah
How much testosterone is flowing at your church?
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