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Adopting Digital Media in Worship

How and why to use digital media in your church

Church use of digital media—technology such as projection systems and computers—has become a major aspect of church worship in the last decade. Churches all over the world—from nondenominational "community" churches to mainline churches—are using digital media in worship on a weekly basis and it is having a profound effect on their ministries. Some churches claim digital media is transforming their churches, fueling growth and strengthening their church communities.

But how pervasive is media in the church? Is it a fad or something that is an enduring part of our worship landscape? What are the theological considerations? Is it just for seekers? Is it only for large churches with resources? And if digital media is introduced in worship, what form does it take, exactly?

How Many Churches Are Using Digital Media?

In the last five years many churches have moved from the "thinking about using media" category to "have media, want to do it better." There is much more anecdotal ...

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