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The Game Plan for Media Ministry

Building a team and crafting a vision.

Importance of unpaid team members

The crew of unpaid people is at the heart of an effective ministry. Ministry for the electronic culture is not about what staff to hire to accomplish the tasks at hand. It is about empowering laypersons to utilize their gifts in ways they never thought possible for the purpose of advancing God's kingdom.

You will discover that as the media ministry develops, it becomes an entry point for people previously not part of the church community. Because of the opportunity to utilize their gifts and talents, individuals will join the team and become regular attendees at the church. Like the movie Field of Dreams, once you build it, people will come. A couple of years ago I asked a film student at a local state college to create a two-minute promotional piece to recruit people to the sound ministry. The student, Dave, got three friends from campus to help him make the spot. None were a part of our church community, but following production of the spot, two of the ...

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