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Something in human nature tempts us to stay where we're comfortable. We try to find a plateau, a resting place, where we have comfortable stress and adequate finances. Where we have comfortable associations with people, without the intimidation of meeting new people and entering strange situations.

Of course, all of us need to plateau for a time. We climb and then plateau for assimilation. But once we've assimilated what we've learned, we climb again. It's unfortunate when we've done our last climb. When we have made our last climb, we are old, whether 40 or 80.

Our goal on earth is to grow into the likeness of Christ, the one who gave himself for others. As Robert Browning wrote, "Why stay we on earth except to grow?" And why grow unless it is to serve?

Over the years I've thought a lot about why certain friends and associates develop more than others. I believe that reaching the peak of personal growth depends upon six key practices.


The motive ...

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