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A Survey Can Make You Less Moral
What behavioral economics has to do with scary statistics.
The Sabbath Swimming Lesson
When unemployment threatens to sink us, God keeps our heads above water.
Court Rejects Prostitution Restrictions on AIDS Funding
Evangelical NGOS say the ruling is unlikely to change their operations, but the case touches on larger principles.
Canceled Flights: New Policies Threaten Settlement Agencies
Resettlement agencies laid off staff after a new Department of Homeland Security screening disrupted refugees' flights to the U.S.
When Caesar Renders
Romanian Baptists dissent over accepting government funds.
Who Owns Your Christmas Carols?
No, Kim Hill didn't write 'O Holy Night.' But she holds a copyright for it.
A Lost Generation
Mainline churches in East Germany rediscover a sense of mission.
What's in a Name?
Christians in Southeast Asia debate their right to refer to God as Allah.
What to Do about Unbiblical Unions
African churches seek a better response to polygamy than in years past as western churches address new same-sex marriages.
What's Next for The Gospel Coalition
Co-founder Don Carson on the organization's growth.
Never Been Kissed
The Virgin Lips movement, and shades of 'how far is too far?'
Nigeria, Iraq added to U.S. Commission’s List of Persecuting Countries
USCIRF releases its annual list of countries that violate religious freedom to the State Department.
They'll Know We Are Christians...
Church accused of kidnapping rival's bodyguard.
Trying to Reform the United Nations from the Inside
Human rights advocates disagree on whether the U.S. will help by joining a controversial council.
A Mending in Moscow?
Evangelicals hope new Orthodox patriarch will improve ecumenical relations.
Phony Paper Smears Russian Baptists
A fake newspaper circulating in Smolensk portrays Protestants as morally loose.
You've Got Jail
Missionaries' imprisonment shows the security risks of support e-mails.
The Arms and Legs of the Church
JoeAnn Ballard on how Memphis's Neighborhood Christian Center treats the poor like family.
Where Christians Are Persecuted
Open Doors' World Watch List makes some changes in annual list of countries that violate Christians' rights, but North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran stay at the top.
Russia’s New Patriarch
Metropolitan Kirill overwhelmingly elected; non-Orthodox Russians wonder what’s next in ecumenical relations.