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Leah Sharibu Inspires Nigeria’s Christians, Faces Execution by Boko Haram
Beleaguered believers rally behind Dapchi schoolgirl’s example of keeping the faith under pressure.
Putting Pastors to Pasture in Nigeria
Churches protest law requiring ministry leaders to resign after age 70 or 20 years.
Churches Challenge Nigeria Forcing Pastors to Retire
New law requiring resignation after age 70 or 20 years in pulpit would affect 90 percent of evangelical pastors.
The Great Baby Commission
One of Africa’s fastest-growing churches wants to expand by having as many children as possible.
Nigeria Declares Emergency Rule as Christians Debate Amnesty for Boko Haram Islamists
(UPDATED) Controversial proposal to end terror campaign creates another faultline for Christians in Africa's most-populous nation.
How a Catholic-Pentecostal Split Could Help Nigeria's Militant Islamists
United body divides for the first time in 40 years over politics and Islam.
Private Jets for Jesus
Nigeria's Pentecostal preachers say expanding ministries justify their personal planes.
State-Sponsored Pilgrimages Under Review in Nigeria
A third of the country's 90,000 religious pilgrims this year were Christians.
Nigerian States Propose Religion Limits as Gunmen Kill 19 at Bible Study
Continued surge in sectarian violence has local governments debating how to stop it.
Fury Over Mission School Fees
Church-run schools in Nigeria made a shift in cost.
Church Leaders Debate Self-Defense
Nigerian Christians abandon cheek-turning.