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Some Churches Call Clergy Sexual Misconduct an ‘Affair.’ Survivors Are Fighting to Make It Against the Law.
Advocates push for legislation criminalizing sex between ministers and those they spiritually guide.
What Is a Missionary Kid Worth?
Risks remain higher in cross-cultural contexts. And misconduct is harder to report.
Mission Schools Sexual Abuse Suit Dismissed on Technicality
A North Carolina judge says the Nigerian statute of limitations prevents the case from going forward.
The Missionary Kids Are Not Alright
Third culture kids are struggling with a crisis of care in the church, experts say.
More Ministries Seek Alternatives to Child Sponsorships
Nine million children are supported by one-to-one funding, but a growing number of Christian groups say that approach is problematic.
How Black Missionaries Are Being Written Back into the Story
Will fixing inaccurate representation encourage more minorities to “go into all the world”?
She Was Captured by the Taliban in 2001. But God Gave Her a Bigger Story.
Q&A with Heather Mercer who went on to work for freedom in Kurdistan and adopt a Kurdish son.
What Christian Aid Workers Want You to Know About Afghanistan
US forces are withdrawing after 20 years, but the story of Christian aid work goes far beyond military conflict.
The Coming African American Missions Movement
A surge of interest among young black churchgoers could signal a change for sending agencies, but hurdles remain. 
Questions Continue for Women in Complementarian Churches
Three decades after the Danvers Statement articulated clear gender roles, its application still causes tension.
For Expats and Missionaries, COVID-19 Was a Crossroads
The first question for Christians living abroad was, “Go or stay?” After that, it got hard.