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American Idol: How Politics Replaced Spiritual Practice
Christian formation is central to civic renewal, not the other way around.
Apocalypse Now: How the Left and Right Get Danger Wrong
Alarmist thinking is toxic in politics and at odds with Christian hope.
No Friend of Tax Collectors
Churches are tax exempt for good reason. Anything else would be disastrous.
Make American Politics Hopeful Again
How the call to “carry one another’s burdens” breaks down partisan stalemates.
3 Priorities for Evangelicals in the Trump Years
Actually, they’re worth pursuing no matter who occupies the White House.
There's Still Hope for Our Politics
But only if we plant our feet in the gospel.
The Kasich Conundrum
How one of America's most Christian candidates became the most offensive.
Stop Explaining Away Black Christian Forgiveness
The Charleston families did not forgive to express the values of their race, but to be faithful to their God.
Why Politics Still Matters
The temptation to withdraw is ever with us.
The Potential of Partnerships
Is collaboration the American church's next great movement?