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Have Yourself a Bluesy/Lo-Fi/Choral/Global Little Christmas
CT picks 7 new holiday albums to add to your favorites.
Should We Sing About Drowning Our Enemies?
Elevation’s recent hit has stirred a broader discussion on how to incorporate imprecatory language in worship without being triumphalist.
People Say Worship Music All Sounds the Same. They Might Mean Something Else.
Complaints about the emerging genre may have to do with the discomfort with monoculture surrounding it.
The Debate over Concert Worship Goes Back Eras
Taylor Swift’s “transcendent” stadium tour got Christians once again talking about whether secular stages point us to God’s common grace or just another idol.
Christian Moms Feel More Pressure to Get It Right
Today’s resources aim to offer reassurance instead of adding to the weight parents already feel.
Worship in a Time of Trauma: New Releases Offer Songs for Healing
Christian artists open up about mental health, abuse, and loss.
All About That Tenor: Why Men Don’t Sing in Worship
Music experts say we don't need more "manly songs," but we do need to help lower voices find their place
Putting Christian and Missionary Alliance Theology in Song
What if worship music got a little more denominationally specific? A new artists’ collective is experimenting with that.
Worship Artists Who Skip Labels Still Need Support
An emerging infrastructure offers indie musicians help with streaming and marketing without signing away their music rights.
Worship Music Nostalgia Brings New Profit to Old Songs
Gen X and millennials’ favorite Christian throwbacks are also easy moneymakers.
Digital Hymnal’s Demise Is Delayed
Lifeway still plans to end online music resource but apologizes for short notice.
SBC Study Raises Concerns about Lack of Worship Leaders
Decline in children’s music ministries bodes ill for future, scholar says.
4 New Releases from Indie Worship Artists
From joyful big-band tunes to aching psalms, from Dallas to down under, local musicians bring depth and diversity to our praise.
Worship Music Is Emotionally Manipulative. Do You Trust the Leader Plucking the Strings?
The Spirit is at work, but so are the mechanisms around high-production sets.
New Resource Helps Kids ‘Grow Into’ Hymns
Children’s minister and artist collect 150 songs to span generations.
What Are Evangelical Voters in Iowa Focusing On: Everything
The world feels out of control. They want someone who will fix it.
Our Worship Is Turning Praise into Secular Profit
With corporate consolidation in worship music, more entities are invested in the songs sung on Sunday mornings. How will their financial incentives shape the church?
Seven-Hour Oratorio Sings the Gospel of Mark Word for Word
If any man have ears to hear, let him hear: “The KJV actually sang quite well.”
Dante Bowe Navigates Worship in the Spotlight
After leaving Maverick City Music, the singer is launching his own label focused on authenticity in a field increasingly crowded by celebrity.
Company that Trademarked ‘Worship Leader’ Makes Others Drop the Term
Popular meme accounts lose social media pages after being reported by Authentic Media, which says it coined the phrase.