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How to Support Survivors Without Selling Them Out
A wave of social-good businesses learns to balance priorities.
God Bless Geeky Women
Being a female Christian in tech places you in the double minority.
Extreme Athletes Don’t Have to Settle for Adrenaline Highs
Action-sports ministries help wakeboarders, surfers, skaters, and snowboarders ground their passions in gospel truth.
Reading Dante
From here to eternity.
Islamic State Seizes Iraq's Christian Capital: Qaraqosh
Another mass exodus as 100,000 displaced Christians seek safety in Kurdish cities.
The World's Top Church-Destroying Countries
A few countries give China, where a campaign to de-Christianize city skylines continues, some competition.
Ebola Enters America (Safely) as Missionaries Evacuate Liberia
Amid worst-ever outbreak of deadly virus, infected SIM worker will be taken to Atlanta tomorrow, joining infected Samaritan's Purse doctor.
Another 'Stained Glass Ceiling' Shatters: CCCU Picks First Female President
Calvin College leader brings legal savvy to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.
IRS to Atheists: Okay, We'll Investigate Pulpit Freedom Sunday Pastors
Tax agency and FFRF announce settlement, but Milwaukee church disputes the lawsuit's dismissal.
Mosul's Last Christians Flee Iraq's Hoped-For Christian Stronghold
(UPDATED) Historic community comes to 'a real end' after ISIS ultimatum tells Christians to convert, pay tax, or die.
Muslim Sues Kenya's Catholic Bishops for Discrimination
Bishops sued as they lobby for peace amidst coastal violence.
Transgender Students Battle Christian Universities
(UPDATED) George Fox University and California Baptist University receive religious exemptions to newly clarified gender equity requirements.
Gordon College Loses City Contract, Gets Accreditation Scrutiny
President Michael Lindsay among 26 CCCU presidents urging an exemption clause in pending executive order.
What Does Kenya's Wave of Anti-Christian Violence Mean?
Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for nearly 100 coastal deaths since early June.
Militants Take Over Christian University in Ukraine
Insurgents gain control as thousands flee the city of Donetsk.
Carys Parker, Raised Entirely Aboard Mercy Ships, Drops Anchor
After a lifetime in West African ports, she's setting a new course at a landlocked Christian college.
Christian Worshippers Latest Targets in Nigerian Violence
Terrorist group Boko Haram has killed more than 2,000 this year.
Lecrae v. Katy Perry: Christian Rappers Sue Pop Star
Christian hip-hop artists claim pop queen’s “witchcraft” hit ripped off their song.
Bahrain Welcomes First Catholic Cathedral
The Persian Gulf island has had a Christian presence for over a century.
The Good News for Churches as Malaysia Says Christian Paper Can't Call God 'Allah'
As a divided high court hands down its decision, Christians focus on the government's response.