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Former UK Evangelical Leader Charged with Sexual Assault
Retired minister Jonathan Fletcher goes to court following major church investigation.
Another Kanakuk Abuse Survivor Sues Camp for Fraud
Twenty years after a trusted counselor used faith to groom him for abuse, a Colorado man says he is trying to reclaim part of his life and take a stand for fellow victims.
Canadian Megachurch Puts Ministry on Pause After Insurer Pulls Abuse Coverage
It’s been two years since its former pastor resigned and was arrested, but The Meeting House continues to feel the impact of its past.
CRC Tells LGBTQ-Affirming Congregations to Retract and Repent
Congregations that don’t comply with its traditional stance have a year to enter a process of discipline and restoration.
Robert Morris Resigns from Gateway Following Past Abuse Allegations
While the Texas megachurch said it “did not have all the facts” about Morris’s earlier misconduct, the woman who spoke out said she had informed its leaders years ago.
Sunday Silence: Gateway Church Doesn’t Tell Congregation About Historic Abuse Allegations
According to the Texas megachurch, founder Robert Morris properly disclosed his misconduct and has had “no other moral failures” since he touched a child in the 1980s.
Southern Baptists’ Nuanced Divides on Display at Annual Meeting
From a wider slate of six candidates, president Clint Pressley takes the “strange honor” of leading the convention’s growing factions toward missional unity.
Why Does Southern Baptist Abuse Reform Keep Hitting Hurdles?
Leaders and advocates are grateful for the convention’s support but frustrated at the inability to enact their plans.
Many Southern Baptist Women Care More About Calling Than What They’re Called
As the SBC debates restrictions around titles and roles, female leaders continue their work in women’s ministry in their local churches.
SBC Membership Falls to 47-Year Low, But Church Involvement Is Up
Amid the continued declines, Southern Baptists are celebrating back-to-back years of growth in worship attendance and baptism.
Chuck Swindoll Steps Down as Senior Pastor, but Won’t Retire
At 89 years old and more than 60 years into ministry, the Stonebriar Community Church founder plans to remain its primary preacher after the church names his successor.
SBC Executive Committee Says No Charges Following Federal Investigation
Without offering details on the nature of the Justice Department inquiry, the denomination’s administrative entity says it’s “grateful” that “no further action” will be taken around its response to abuse.
Alabama Rules that Frozen Embryos Are Children
The first-of-its kind decision affirms life at its earliest stages but complicates the future of IVF.
Black Americans Who Leave Church Don’t Go Far
How their disaffiliation stands to have a bigger impact on their communities and why leaders are hopeful they’ll come back.
Why Evangelicals Aren’t Afraid of Being Outnumbered by Nones
Church leaders believe Christ still offers the answers that the religiously unaffiliated are looking for, even if religious baggage is driving them away.
Mike Bickle Accused of Abusing a 14-Year-Old Before IHOPKC’s Founding
The Kansas City–based prayer ministry extended an apology and called for repentance after another victim came forward.
Father Sues Assemblies of God for Alleged Abuse of Teen
Texas lawsuit claims that the minor was a victim of a serial predator as well as student leaders in the campus ministry Chi Alpha.
Above Reproach? Fewer Americans See Pastors as Ethical
The biblical call to maintain “a good reputation with outsiders” is becoming a bigger challenge in the US as public perception of clergy falls to a record low.
United Methodists Down 7,659 Churches As Exit Window Ends
1 in 4 UMC congregations have now disaffiliated in the largest US denominational schism since the Civil War. Will African Methodists leave next?
Mike Bickle Confesses to Past ‘Moral Failures’ But Not Sexual Abuse
The International House of Prayer founder speaks out for the first time as the ministry launches a third-party inquiry.