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American Evangelicals Divide over Ukraine
Republican candidates make competing arguments to potential voters.
2024 Sets the Stage for a New Kind of Abortion Debate
Four issues on evangelicals’ minds as the Republican presidential race moves forward.
For Some Christians, Ohio’s Issue 1 Wasn’t All About Abortion
Not all Christians in Ohio agreed on how to approach the referendum, which aimed to raise the threshold for passing constitutional amendments.
Despite Trump’s Indictments, Evangelicals Continue to Back His 2024 Run
Many evangelicals have stuck with the former president through his legal troubles, moral failings, and public indiscretions.
Legal Advocates Eye Next Big Victory for Religious Liberty
After a string of victories at the Supreme Court, focus turns to one major precedent that could be overturned.
On a Wing and a Prayer: Mike Pence Hitches Presidential Hopes on Fellow Evangelicals
However, convincing faithful voters to choose him over Trump or DeSantis will not be easy.
Americans Read the Bible More After Switching Denominations
In a recent survey, those who left their childhood traditions for a church of their own reported higher engagement with their faith.
Lawsuit: Pastor Judah Smith Expects Staff to Leave a ‘Money Trail’
Plenty of churches preach about giving 10 percent. But is it legal to make it a condition of employment?