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The Most Dangerous Thing Luther Did
And other facts about Bible translation that transformed the world.
Why I’m Not Hoping For Heaven
Jesus’ miracles promise a better fate—including for my daughter, who died at age 32.
No Room in the What?
Mary and Joseph weren't trying to check into a hotel—they were staying with relatives.
Revisiting a Non-Standard Scholar
Bruce Metzger devoted his life to helping us know early Christianity and its manuscripts better.
Why the 'Lost Gospels' Lost Out
Recent gadfly theories about church council conspiracies that manipulated the New Testament into existence are bad—really bad-history.
Top Ten New Testament Archaeological Finds of the Past 150 Years
"How do shrouds, boats, inscriptions, and other artifacts better help us understand the Christ of the Ages?"
A Cracked Code
It is not the form of the Scriptures or the sequence of its letters that conveys its truth, but rather the content of the book.
Primary Sources
What type of history do the four Evangelists tell, and what does it reveal about Jesus?