1555 Peace of Augsburg in Germany allows rulers to choose religion for their region

1555 First Protestant Church in Paris organized in a home

1556 Philip II named king of Spain

1558 Elizabeth I becomes queen of England

1559 First national synod of Reformed Churches of France

1559 John Calvin made a citizen of Geneva

1560 Protestant Conspiracy of Amboise to kidnap king of France fails

1561 Anti-Protestant edict begins to drive refugees from France

1562-1563 First War

1562 Forces of Duke of Guise massacre Protestants at Vassy

1563 Treaty of Amboise ends First War

1563 Council of Trent closes

1564 Calvin dies

1567-1568 Second War

1568-1570 Third War

1568 Treaty of Longjumeau ends Second War

1569 Peace of St. Germain ends Third War

1572-1573 Fourth War

1572 St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre

1574 Truce ends Fourth War

1574 Charles IX (right) dies; Henri III (left) becomes king of France

1576 Fifth War

1576 Pro-Protestant Peace of Monsieur signed

1576 Militant Catholic League forms

1577 Sixth War

1577 Sixth War ended by slightly restrictive Peace of Bergerac

1580 Seventh War

1580 Treaty of Nerac and Peace of Fleix end Seventh War

1584 Duke of Anjou dies; Henri of Navarre becomes heir to French throne

1588 Henri III forced to surrender to Guises and Catholic League

1588 English navy defeats Spanish Armada

1589 Henri III stabbed, names Henri of Navarre his successor

1589 Catherine de Médicis dies

1593 Henri IV converts to Catholicism

1598 Edict of Nantes returns civil and religious freedom to Protestants