Awakenings in North America


1679 Solomon Stoddard’s “harvests” of 1679, 1683,and 1696 at Northampton, Massachusetts

1705 Taunton, MA

1712 & 1718 Solomon Stoddard’s “harvests” at Northampton, MA

Early 1720s Windham, Connecticut

1729 Solomon Stoddard dies (born 1643)

1734 Jonathan Edwards in Northampton, MA

Mid 1740s Indian Awakenings under David Brainerd

1758 Jonathan Edwards dies (born 1703)

1763–1764 General Awakenings throughout New England

1767 Norfolk, CT

1770 George Whitefield dies (born 1714)

1776 Killingly, CT

1781 Lebanon, CT

1784 New Britain, CT

1790–1810 General Awakenings throughout New England

1792 Lyme & East Haddam, CT

1792–1793 Lee, MA

1795 Farmington New Hartford, & Milford, CT

1800 & 1805 Lee, MA

1800s-1815 Collegiate Awakenings Dartmouth, Bennington, etc.

1802, 1808, 1813, 1815 Awakenings at New Haven, CT (Yale)

1810 American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions founded

1817 Timothy Dwight dies (born 1752)

1844 Asahel Nettleton dies (born 7783)

1857 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

1858 Nathaniel Taylor dies (born 1786)

1863 Lyman Beecher dies (born 1775)


1720s–1730s Theodore Frelinghuysen Raritan, New Jersey

1725–1740 Johann Conrad Beissel and German Awakenings at Ephrata, Pennsylvania

1736–1740s New Jersey Awakening under the Tennents

1739 Whitefield first preaches in Philadelphia

1748 Theodore Frelinghuysen dies (Born, 1691)

1764 Gilbert Tennent dies (born 1703)

1790–1810s Methodist awakenings in North, South, & West

1816 Francis Asbury dies (born 1745)

1810–1840s The “Burned-over district” of upper New York State

1825–1827 Finney in Oneida Co. New York

Later 1820s–Mid 1830s Finney’s Awakenings in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, etc.

1830–1831 Finney’s great Rochester Revival

1831–Mid 1840s General Northeast Revivals under Finney & others

1857–1859 Major New England & Northeastern Cities

Sept 1857 Lamphier’s prayer meeting in New York City

1861–1864 Awakenings in the Union Army

1875 Charles Finney dies (born 1792)


1750s–1770s General Awakenings in the South

1760s Devereux Jarratt’s Virginia Revivals

1776 Jarratt’s largest awakening

1785–1790 Methodist & Baptist Awakenings in Virginia

1787 Hampton Sydney College, Virginia

1790–1810s Methodist awakenings in North, South, & West

Late 1790s to Early 1820s Southern & Western camp meeting revivals

1801 Cane Ridge, Kentucky revival under Barton W Stone

1857–1859 Southward to Texas; Westward along Ohio Valley

1861–1865 Awakenings in the Confederate Army

1872 Peter Cartwright dies (born 1785)

American Events

1702–1713 Queen Anne’s War

1755–1763 The French & Indian War

1770 Boston Massacre

1773 Boston Tea party

1775–1783 The Revolutionary War

1788 US Constitution Ratified

1790 Benjamin Franklin dies

1799 George Washington dies

1801–mid teens Tripolitan War with the Barbary Pirates

1812–1814 The War of 1812 with England

1823 The Monroe Doctrine

1833–1837 Financial Panic

1843 Millerite revival Adventists predict Second Coming of Christ in 1843–1844

1846–1848 The Mexican-American War

1861–1865 The Civil War

1865 Lincoln assassinated

World Events

1727 Moravian Awakening in Germany

1736 Whitefield begins awakenings in England

1738–1790s Wesleyan Awakenings in the British Isles

1790–1830 English Evangelical Awakening

1792 English Baptist Missionary society founded

1792–1914 The Worldwide Missionary Movement “The Great Century of Christian Advance.”

1813 India opened to missions

1841–1873 David Livingston’s mission to Central Africa

1858 China opened to missions

1859 Awakening in Ulster, Ireland

1872 Peter Cartwright dies (born 1785)