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December 11, 2009  8:29am

Paul, Christ is quite present in the Old Testament. Why would we assume that He is not the way for OT believers when we have evidence of His presence in the OT. John 1:1 and following at least, and the theophanies, if you accept them. Christ is frequently referred to in the Psalms as well. You equate John 14:6 with "accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour."


December 09, 2009  5:57pm

Jesus used "the", not "a"... the Way, the Truth, the Light. If you cannot accept this, you are not a follower of Christ.


December 09, 2009  3:55pm

Paul here's something to consider in response to your statement about past Jews like moses. God exists outside of time, therefore if God is timeless than Jesus Christs sacrifice is timeless. We know from Isaiah that the Jews new about the savior and believed in him but he just hadn't come yet. I am not a theologian so I can say nothing for sure but it is quite a thought to think that because God is timeless his forgiveness which was gained by the cross, and only the cross, might also extend to those of the old testiment such as Moses.


December 09, 2009  10:14am

I have often asked people who quote John 14:6 "the Way and the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the father but by me" why Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are excluded from the Kingdom of God as are Moses, Elijah, David and Enoch who never "accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour" I have never received a good answer that excludes the possiblity that God in His infinite wisdom might have other ways for us to know Him in all His Triune glory

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December 08, 2009  9:13pm

The author has a few good points, but seems to be timid about clearly stating what these "Christian" teachers who hold to plurality really are...false teachers of deception. I also noticed the cart came before the horse a few times. True Christians begin living a life of love because they are changed, they do not live a life of love so they can be changed. Same thing with living in the Spirit and walking with God. This happens through the reconciliation between our sinful selves and God, and is only accomplished thru the Cross of Christ. The love...the walk...these are all signs of true conversion, not things that facilitate it. I am, however, glad to see that someone is still bold enough to point out that Jesus was very exclusive. He is the only way, and trying to twist that statement to mean anything else is a clear sign of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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