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Valdir Steuernagel says we need to learn how to serve in a fellowship of rich and poor, Africans and Asians, subsistence farmers and tech professionals.

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Nicole Wells

February 09, 2014  7:25am

I did not want to post 2 comments, but this site leaves me no choice. (continued from last comment) What would be the point of bringing a child into this world if I did not have the reassurance that he/she could not be snatched out of God's hands at any time (assuming that I brought him/her up in the ways of the Lord)? Sure, my child might wander as a lost sheep for several years after leaving the nest (or even before that)-- heck, they might spend the majority of their lives playing lost sheep-- but the promise (as I believe it to be) written in Proverbs 22:6 suggests that my child will be brought back to the Lord BEFORE the end of their time on Earth. Without this promise, I would be too terrified to have children. That's why I say to people, "If you feel that there is a contradiction in the Bible, then you're not reading it with the Holy Spirit."

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Nicole Wells

February 09, 2014  7:17am

I loved this article. It was very well-written and contained many good points. That being said, I did not agree at all with this part: "Proverbs 22:6...are not promises from God, but general observations and maxims. (Ironically, if King Solomon did pen this proverb, as many biblical scholars believe, he himself failed to exemplify its truth..." First off, nothing exists in the Bible unless it is true, for the Spirit of God is with the writers of the Bible. If we start making assumptions that parts of the Bible are simply observations of men and not Godly FACT, then everything written in the Bible is brought into question. Secondly, we do not know how David raised up his child (we only know what he instructs Solomon to do before his death), nor we do know whether Solomon made in into Heaven despite his shortcomings. It is therefore wrong to imply that Solomon's situation contradicts what is written in Proverbs.

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January 22, 2010  8:09am

This article is ridiculous. We should just quit parenting altogether if it's just a matter of DNA and chance. It's simply worldly ideas coming into the church through an articulate and deceptive presentation.


January 21, 2010  12:04pm

This is a very well thought out article. My husband and I are praying to be blessed with children and this article is so encouraging. Very well done.


January 20, 2010  3:58pm

This is one of the best, authentic, practical and thought provoking article on parenting I have read in awhile. It places this parenting thing in perspective. Parents need to realize that we are not God, Savior Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit in the lives of our children, spouse, siblings, friends, etc. I loved the reminder from parents from scripture and ultimatly Father God whose children failed miserably by sin. Is that a reflection on Father God? I think not. God is good, wise, loving, sovereign. I applaud the writer for daring to blaze a trail and speak the truth in love.

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