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The Conversation Continues: Reader's Comments
Readers respond to John R. Franke's "Still the Way, the Truth, and the Life"

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John P. Davis

December 04, 2009  3:36pm

I am amazed how one can talk about the exclusivity of Jesus Christ and avoid the cross and the atonement. This article is more about Jesus modeling the way, than His being the way. The religious world objects to the cross and penal atonement and that is why they will have little to object to in this article.

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Garbage in, garbage out

December 04, 2009  3:14pm

"More people than ever doubt that anyone has a corner on truth. So why do Christians keep insisting on the incomparable uniqueness of Christ?" 6 pages of verbiage to answer a poorly worded question. The real question to answer is: Why should any non-Christian believe in the claims of Christianity? I can't find any good reason, because Christian reasoning is circular: I believe in the uniqueness of Christ because the Jesus tells me it is so in the Bible. But why should I believe the Bible? Because it is the word of God. But how do I know that it is the word of God? Because the Bible says so... Alas...

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December 04, 2009  2:50pm

"When we claim Jesus is unique, we mean that he is in an altogether different category from Moses, Buddha, Muhammad, or whomever. " Moses is in a different category here than the others. Jesus is the fulfillment of a prophecy delivered through Moses. Jesus is the fulfillment of what God started with Abraham and through Moses. Minor point, but one I thought should be made.

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David Fredrickson

December 04, 2009  2:46pm

For most devoted believers it is alarming to hear that such a large percentage of Christians believe that non-Christian "faiths" can lead to eternal life. Yet when one considers that ever since Constantine married Christianity to the state it has progressively grown into a religious system much like any other. The important exception is that conservatives still uphold vital doctrinal truths that unfortunately are often understood intellectually rather than experientially. This decline in genuine faith coincides with the tendency of any religious system to turn relationship into ritual and worship into duty. Thus, church has become a building where one attends an event once or twice a week rather than a community of believers that function as the church all week long. To quote what John G. Lake: The world does not know what true Christianity is. Is it any wonder, then, that at least half of all professing Christians are really not converted?

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December 04, 2009  2:38pm

Well, I will say after what I have read in this article that the number of Christians who believe that other religions lead to heaven is astonishing. I am a devout believer in Christ and no, I do not believe that all other religions lead to heaven. For one, every one is not a son or daughter of Christ that is clearly portrayed in the Bible. The bible clearly states that those who love God and are obedient to his word are the sons and daughters of men. There are plenty of scriptures that will tell you the benefits of believing in the Lord and why he is the way, truth, and light without a shadow of a doubt. I also know that in the last days even the very elite will be deceived. Christians are the only religious people who doubt what they believe in yet, other religions don't that is why we get stumped on questions that ask us is Jesus the most unique man who ever live. To me he is because he died for our sins, no other religion can say that. God's Love.

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December 04, 2009  2:34pm

When will people see the truth that there is only one way to the Father and that is through His Son, Jesus Christ? There are plenty of religions that believe in God, god, gods, but the Bible clearly states, that although they are not "anti God", they are antichrist if they don't believe in the necessity of a personal savior, Jesus Christ. See I John 2:18, 2:22, 4:3, and II John 1:7. Without Christ, there is no relationship or eternity with the one true God.

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Displaying 31–36 of 36 comments.

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